Bid to set fire to Bijapur CMC president’s chair

TENSION: The police trying to restore peace after Janata Dal (S) workers and municipal councillors were involved in verbal clash during a protest in Bijapur on Tuesday.  

Staff Correspondent

Police suspect that petrol bombs may have been used

Timely intervention prevents fire from spreading

CMC authorities yet to file complaint with police

Bijapur: There was tension in Bijapur city for a few hours on Tuesday when anti-social elements made an attempt to set fire to the City Municipal Council (CMC) president’s chair at the meeting hall during a protest rally organised by the Janata Dal (S) district unit to bring pressure to bear on the CMC authorities to supply drinking water regularly.

CMC president Chandubai Chauhan’s chair, table and some office documents were damaged in the incident. However, the timely intervention of CMC councillors and the staff prevented the fire from spreading.

There was a verbal clash between the protesters and the CMC councillors when the later alleged that the Janata Dal (S) workers were involved in the incident.

However, the protesters reiterated that they were protesting outside the CMC premises when the incident occurred and none of the workers had entered the CMC meeting hall situated on the first floor.

The protesters demanded that the CMC councillors apologise to the Janata Dal (S) workers for making false allegations against them.

They also demanded that an inquiry be conducted into the incident and action taken against those involved in the incident.

After a brief discussion, CMC vice-president Milind Chanchalkar apologised to the protesters on behalf of the councillors and promised that an inquiry would be conducted into the matter.

Police officers who visited the spot suspected that three petrol bombs were used in the incident. It might be an act of anti-social elements who wanted to disturb peace in the district. The police, however, said that the CMC authorities are yet to file a case in this regard.