BU book suppliers protest delay in clearing of their bills

Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Publishers, distributors and suppliers of books to Bangalore University Library are up in arms against the authorities over the long delay in the settlement of their outstanding bills amounting to almost Rs. 75 lakh.

The suppliers of the books, who are the registered vendors of books, journals and reference material to Bangalore University, gathered in front of the administrative office in Jnana Bharathi campus on Tuesday evening to display their anger over the delay in clearing of bills. Founder of Books for Development, Bangalore, S. Ranjan Iyer, who is one of the vendors, told The Hindu that the books were supplied to the university according to standard norms and practices stipulated in March 2009. “Though the bills are normally cleared by April every year, this year we have not received our payment even till October,” Mr. Iyer said.

About 35 to 40 book suppliers supplied the books after receiving purchase orders placed by the university librarian. The vendors have already petitioned Governor H.R. Bhardwaj over the delay. “The present vice-chancellor has stopped payment to all booksellers on the grounds of an internal stock-verification of the university library,” said the letter addressed to the Governor on August 8, 2009.

Meanwhile, University Registrar T.R. Subramanya told The Hindu that release of payment to the booksellers had been delayed on account of “administrative” reasons and added that steps would be taken immediately to settle the dues.