Another doctor died in a similar accident in 1997

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Bangalore: Twelve years ago, practically to the day, another popular doctor in the city was killed in a hit-and-run incident, on January 23, 1997 on Racecourse Road.

T.S. Jairam (84), a surgeon, had missed his morning walk on that fateful day.

To compensate, he decided to walk from the Golf Club, where he attended a function, to the Taj West End on Racecourse Road, to a meeting. But a vehicle knocked him down before he could reach the hotel.

Dr. Jairam’s son, Nandakumar Jairam, Medical Director of Columbia Asia Hospitals, told The Hindu: “My father was 84, but agile and conscious about his exercise routine. Though a doctor himself, he was lying on the road with no medical help. Eventually, when someone took him to the hospital, it was too late. To this day, we don’t know which vehicle killed him.”

Realising that the pedestrian zebra crossing to the Bangalore Turf Club was not safe for road-users, the civic authorities constructed a subway a year after this accident. The subway is now being demolished for widening the Racecourse Road.

Dr. Nandakumar said his father’s accident prompted him to do something in the field of trauma care.

“Though I could not personally do much in the field, I am happy the Government and some private organisations have started an emergency care system, 108 Arogya Kavacha, which is a boon for trauma victims.”

“It is imperative for people to be mature while driving on roads. It is really essential for these drivers to feel the pain and loss of the victims’ families.”

Other notable walkers who have died thus are irrigation expert S.G. Balekundri, Director (Promotion) of Coffee Board V. Baalu and former Central College principal S. Rameshan.

While Balekundri was killed at the Queen’s Road junction (which was named after him later), Baalu was killed in Basavangudi.

Rameshan was knocked down by a speeding vehicle in Richards Town.

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