An occasion to discuss and debate issues

Special Correspondent

School in Mysore introduces its students to ‘Parliamentary’ debate

MYSORE: Frequent adjournments and disruptions may be the order of the day in Parliament. But for the students of Jnanasarovar International Residential School in Mysore, it was an occasion to discuss and debate issues of current relevance.

For, the high school students of JIRSM enacted a model Parliament session in association with the Central Institute of Representative Democracy, Bangalore here on Tuesday.

The model Parliament, also known as mock Parliament, is held to simulate proceedings in the Lok Sabha and the State Legislatures. It was inaugurated by U.G. Shenoy, a well-known paediatrician here. The “Parliament session” commenced with a prayer in memory of those who sacrificed their lives fighting terrorists in Mumbai recently.

The participants took the “Government” to task for its failure to check the terror attacks despite intelligence warnings. The “Home Ministry” came under attack for its lack of accountability.

‘Question Hour’

A few issues that came under the scanner during “Question Hour” pertained to the fund allocation pattern for water resources, while a few “members” stressed the need to introduce effective laws to ensure food security.

The “MPs” called for an effective legal framework to ensure that food-manufacturing industries adhered to norms of quality.

The JIRSM organised this programme as a special effort to introduce students to the functioning of the Parliamentary system of Government, as part of its citizenship training programme.

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