An intense love story amidst gang wars film review

Nanda (Kannada)

Director: R. Anantharaju

Cast: Shivrajkumar, Sharan, Avinash, Sharath Lohitashwa

Said to be based on true-to-life incidents that took place in Bangalore in the 1980s, Nanda succeeds in providing a breathing space for actor Shivrajkumar as most of his films suffered setbacks in 2008.

The film is reminiscent of blockbuster “Om”, which set the trend of creating heroes out of the murky world and launched Shivrajkumar to stardom. Nanda takes refuge in realistic narrative mode and exercises extra caution in the characterisation of the protagonist by abstaining from the usual image projecting gimmicks.

Director Anantharaju attempts to narrate an intense love story amidst gang wars, nexus between the police and the underworld, misuse of power, and pride and contempt of the rich towards the poor in love and matrimonial issues, in a controlled manner.

Nanda Kumar (Shivrajkumar), a youth running a canteen in a college, falls in love with Kavya (Sandhya), daughter of status conscious mother (Vanita Vasu) whose younger brother is a corrupt police commissioner (Sharath Lohitashwa) associated with a gangster scheming to kill his rival, and Nanda’s suffering at the hands of police and the gangster form the essence of the plot.

K.N. Venkatasubba Rao

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