Abbi Falls in Kodagu to be made a plastic-free zone

Exotic: Road connectivity will be improved and parking bay created at Abbi Falls to attract tourists

Exotic: Road connectivity will be improved and parking bay created at Abbi Falls to attract tourists  

Jeevan Chinnappa

Facilities and infrastructure to be improved at the tourist spot

Madikeri: The Abbi Falls Development Committee will improve various facilities to the public and tourists visiting the famous water falls, near here.

According to a decision taken at a recent meeting chaired by Deputy Commissioner Subodh Yadav, road connectivity would be improved and parking bay created. Drinking water supply would be ensured and toilets improved, to usher in a sense of aesthetics in and around the water falls area.

The committee decided to widen the roads leading to the falls. Mr. Yadav told the Public Works Department to examine the possibilities of widening the roads since tourists visiting the place in heavy vehicles would have to walk a certain distance to reach the spot.

The issue of identifying Government land close to the falls and surveying them was discussed with a view to creating parking facilities for heavy vehicles. If need be, such land could be transferred to the name of the committee. Mr. Yadav asked the Madikeri Tahsildar to conduct a survey. The Forest Department was told to name the trees en route to the Abbi Falls and also those in the falls area, both in Kannada and English.

A bank account would be opened, to be operated jointly by the Kalakeri-Nidugane gram panchayat secretary and the committee. The account holders would have powers to draw up to Rs. 10,000 for spending towards development works. Pipelines would be drawn from a nearby borewell to supply water to the Sulabh Shouchalaya located at the spot. Natural water sources available nearby would be provided to the shouchalaya.

The meeting decided to ban plastic in and around the Abbi Falls area.

The Kalakeri-Nidugane gram panchayat, under which the Abbi Falls come, was told to strictly adhere to the directions. Security personnel would be posted and those throwing wastes would be punished with penal fees. Funds collected by way of parking fees could be utilised for the development of the falls, the meeting decided. However, president of the Kalakeri-Nidugane gram panchayat Dean Bopanna said that the panchayat had invited tenders to allot contracts and a decision to this effect would have to be taken at the next meeting of the panchayat.

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