AI’s discounted redemption offer

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: “Flying Returns”, the frequent flyer programme of Air India, has introduced a discounted redemption offer valid till September 30.

Under this offer, “Flying Returns” members can get an award ticket at a discount of 25 per cent of the normal redemption mileage points required. For instance, as against 10,620 points required to get an award ticket on the Bangalore-Mumbai sector, it can now be obtained for only 7,965 points, for one-way travel, according to a press release from Air India.


The scheme offers an opportunity for members to avail themselves of redemption travel at reduced mileage points and is available for one-way and return travel.

Even a low mileage can now get a member an award ticket on the sector Bangalore-Chennai one-way.

The discounted redemption facility is available on international as well as domestic routes of Air India.

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