AIDWA stages protest

Staff Correspondent

MANGALORE: Organisations that indulge in moral policing in the name of god, culture, and country should first address the growing incidents of sexual harassment against women, domestic violence and the falling sex ratio, State secretary of the All-India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) K.S. Lakshmi has said.

She was addressing a protest rally condemning the January 24 attack on a pub in the city by members of the Sri Rama Sene, here on Wednesday. Expressing concern over the recent incidents, Ms. Lakshmi said that organisations such as the Sri Rama Sene ignored the real problems in the country. “A woman in this country is neither safe inside the house nor outside,” she said.

She challenged the Sri Rama Sene to enter into an ideological, national-level debate on women’s issues. “If you are against something, you should protest in a democratic way,” she said.

She alleged that the police force had been “neutralised” and “rendered ineffective” because of the political dispensation in the State.

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