A world of magic opens up to young readers

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: This one opens up a world of magic for young readers, and also the eccentricity of the protagonist. The Magic Store of Nu-Cham-Vu, a fiction book for children, by Shreekumar Varma, was launched here recently. It is the first book to be simultaneously released in a format which can be accessed by both the visually challenged and the dyslexic.

“Nu-Cham-Vu is the owner of a toy-store that has magical toys. But, he doesn’t sell his toys. Children have to do strange things to get them, like stand on one leg for half-a-day, or three dances and a song,” said the author. “Nu-Cham-Vu bathes once a year, which is rare,” he said, as he went on to describe the eccentricity of the protagonist. Odd dishes like chocolate cake made of potato and cream, and beetroot ice-cream with tomato-chilli jam, find mention in the book.

“Magic and fantasy is something that had always appealed to me as a child. It still does. I’m sure readers will find this book interesting and fascinating,” said Aparna of Reliance TimeOut. The front two rows were fully occupied by children as young as five-years-old. “This is the first time so many children are here,” Aparna said.

Nishant Shah, Director (Research) of the Centre for Internet and Society, the organisation that helped make the book usable for the visually impaired and the dyslexic, expressed his gratitude to Penguin, the publishers.

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