A new lease of life for Deoni breed of cattle

Staff Correspondent

It is one of the three breeds in the conservation list of Bidar university

‘There are only 10,000 Deoni breed of cattle in Bidar and Gulbarga districts’

Efforts on to preserve the ‘genetic’ originality of Deoni cattle

BIDAR: Deoni breed of cattle is one of the three indigenous breeds which are in the conservation list of Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Bidar.

With the fear that the Deoni breed is on the verge of extinction, efforts are on to preserve it in its purest form. Farmers in the district are being educated on the importance of the breed.

According to a survey, there are only 10,000 Deoni cattle in Basavakalyan, Bhalki and Aurad taluks of Bidar district and Aland taluk in Gulbarga district.

The university has some pure Deoni breed of cattle at its Livestock Research and Information Centre at Hallikhed in the district.

Farmers in the district prefer cross-breeding of Deoni cattle.

The Deoni HF cross breed is considered to be high milk yielding.

Amruth Mahal and Hallikar are the other breeds of cattle in the list of conservation of the university.

They are being conserved at Konehalli of Tiptur in Tumkur district. H. Shivananda Murthy, Director of Extension, Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, told The Hindu on Tuesday that the university was striving to preserve the “genetic” originality of Deoni cattle.

“Artificial insemination is being done to have Deoni calves in their purest form,” he said.

Sources in the university said: “It was difficult to find pure Deoni breed in the district two years ago when the university wanted to purchase some cattle for the Livestock Research and Information Centre. However, we managed to find 15 and brought them to the centre.”

They said: “The university is doing its best to educate farmers on the importance of rearing pure Deoni breed of cattle. There should be some help from the State Government in the form subsidy or incentives to encourage Deoni cattle rearing.”

The Government’s plan to set up a Deoni breeders’ society to register farmers having pure Deoni cattle was yet to materialise, they said.