A day of celebration for the elderly

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Elderly people who attempt to make life brighter for other senior citizens passing through the twilight of their life, had their own share of fun, thanks to Elders Day Out, a day of exciting activities on Tuesday.

Sponsored by Volvo City Buses, 114 senior citizens, who volunteer at Ashvasan, a voluntary organisation, went to a resort on the outskirts of the city for the fun-filled event.

Before leaving, Revathi Ramakrishnan, a volunteer for 10 years at Ashvasan, said: “I’ve been on other outings organised by Ashvasan, but never a sponsored one. I hope we will have an exciting day.” Another volunteer, B. S. Srikantiah, said he was elated although he had no idea what activities were planned for them.

“Perhaps they are trying to keep the suspense,” he said.

Ashvasan, established in 1993 by Lalita Ubhayaker, works towards giving senior citizens in the city a life of dignity.

Ms. Ubhayaker said the outing was providing a day of celebration for them.

Veritable boon

“The Volvo buses are a veritable boon for us in Bangalore who are starved for an efficient system,” she added.

Managing Director of Volvo Buses India Akash Passey, who flagged of the event, said: “The programme is not just about taking the elders out, it’s about social responsibility as well.”

The response from them at the end of the day would determine how often such events can be organised, he added.

Syed Zameer Pasha, MD, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), hoped: “Bangalore will be a model for the whole country as far as public transport is concerned.”

Responding to the grievances poured out by senior citizens on issues like young people occupying seats reserved for senior citizens and buses skipping stops, Mr. Pasha said: “We are certainly going to bring about a change in the city. We would like to lead the change.”

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