5,000 more houses for policemen soon

BANGALORE Oct. 3. The Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation (KSPHC) has drawn up a Rs. 180-crore plan to construct 5,000 more houses for policemen in the State. The corporation has almost completed an earlier project to build 5,000 houses, of which it has constructed 4,000 houses. The houses will be handed over by December this year.

The Chairman and Managing Director of the KSPHC, R. Sri Kumar, told The Hindu on Thursday that the KSPHC had taken up a scheme to construct 5,000 houses at a cost of Rs. 160 crore. With 4,000 houses already completed, the corporation planned to hand over at least 1,000 houses a month. By March, the corporation would hand over the remaining 1,000 houses. The houses had been constructed in almost all the districts, including Kolar, Raichur, Koppal, Bellary and Mysore, he said.

Besides, the corporation has taken up a project to build 338 non-residential buildings in the State, including police offices and district police headquarters, at a cost of Rs. 124 crore. Tenders have already been called for this project and work is expected to commence shortly. All these buildings are expected to be completed in a year and a half.

The KSPHC has played a major role in providing houses for police personnel. Unfortunately, while the strength of the police has been going up regularly, police housing has not kept pace.

Housing for policemen, which stood at 35 per cent in 1970, improved to nearly 50 per cent by 1978. However, due to the steady increase of the manpower of the police force as a whole, the figure has come down to 30 per cent in 1995.

According to the data published by the department, 22,474 houses were provided for various ranks while the requirement was 56,634 houses in that year. Since then, the housing requirement is likely to have increased further.

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