44-year-old pourakarmika ends life

A pourakarmika allegedly ended his life on Wednesday evening after getting discharged from a private hospital where he had been admitted for a week when he tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the police, Ranganath, 44, stayed with his family near Magadi Road. “After being discharged, he went home. But he left his house and went to his friend’s place nearby. As they were good friends, Ranganath had the key to his friend’s room,” a police official said.

The incident came to light when his friend returned home. A case was filed at Magadi Road police station.

The police said he was advised by the hospital staff to be under home quarantine after he was discharged. “But his family did not know that he had COVID-19. They thought he was hospitalised because of a stomach infection,” said a police officer.

Babu, president, BBMP Pourakarmika Sanghagala Okkuta, said the government should do something to boost the morale of pourakarmikas as over 150 of them had tested positive recently. “They need to be counselled, and given proper information about the virus,” he said.

( Those in distress or those having suicidal tendencies can call Arogya Sahayavani Ph: 104 for help.)

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