34 suspected dengue cases in Bijapur district

One person is suffering from dengue fever, and 34 suspected dengue cases have been reported in Bijapur district.

Speaking to The Hindu, District Health Officer Jagannath said that the number of suspected cases in Basavan Bagewadi taluk is 19, Sindagi nine and Bijapur taluk six cases. However, Indi and Muddebihal taluks are free from such cases.

Since dengue fever is transmitted by mosquitoes, the district health department has launched a campaign in rural areas through ASHA workers urging people to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings to stop it from spreading, he added.

Sources in the City Municipal Council said that continuous fogging has been taken up in all the areas to stop the spread of mosquitoes.

Chemicals are being sprayed at water stagnation points. The officers are concentrating more in slum areas and the waste collection points and are spraying chemicals at regular intervals.

Indi and Muddebihal taluks are free from such cases

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