30 trainees taken ill after dinner

Staff Correspondent

Chitradurga: At least 30 trainees from the Rural Development and Self-employment Training (RUDSET) Institute were taken ill after consuming contaminated food on Sunday night.

Most of the trainees who were admitted to the district hospital were given treatment and have recovered. However, the condition of one trainee is said to be serious.

The trainees, who gathered outside the hospital here on Monday, alleged that they were served substandard food for dinner. They said that after consuming it several students complained of vomiting and stomach-ache.

One of the trainees, Devaraj from Tumkur district, alleged that the cook had prepared dinner with leftovers from the afternoon. He said that since some trainees went out for lunch, the cook used those leftovers to prepare dinner.

At present the institute has over 60 trainees.

Mr. Devaraj said that many of them had refused dinnerand the ones who consumed it had fallen ill.

He alleged that institute director Chandrashekar Shetty took the cook’s side when the trainees told him about the incident. “He did not even make arrangements to transport those who were ill to the hospital. They walked all the way to the hospital at night,” Mr. Devaraj said.

Mr. Shetty told presspersons that he had ordered that the cook be fired. On the allegation that he did not help the trainees, Mr. Shetty said that they refused his help .

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