1,300 crore spent for textile sector

Commissioner for Department of Handloom and Textiles D.A. Venkatesh said the department had invested Rs. 1,300 crore in the state under various schemes for establishing textile parks and to support micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. This money also went into modernising existing units of handloom and textile industries during the current financial year.

He was addressing the skill development trainees and entrepreneurs at a one-day workshop on new textile policy in Gulbarga city on Wednesday.

Mr. Venkatesh further added that the handloom and textiles industry had been playing a vital role in stopping migration by providing direct employment opportunities and helped check unemployment. He added that after agriculture, the textile sector was the major employment provider to rural people and also for those who mainly depend on agriculture as major occupation.

Thanks to the new textile policy 2013-18, 5 lakh skilled trainees had got employement in 4,500 garment industries across the state.

He added that 700 new textile industries those had come up in last two years.

The state government had also established 154 Skilled Development Centres under the textile policy for training skilled man power.

Mr. Venkatesh called upon skilled trainees and entrepreneurs to take the opportunities that the new textile policy offers and help check the growth of unemployment.

Textile sector major employment provider to rural people

5 lakh skilled trainees had got employement

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