‘NMC Bill is not community-friendly’

The Mysuru unit of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has strongly opposed the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill 2016, stating that it was not community-friendly.

H. Basavanagowdappa, president of the association, and Suresh Rudrappa, secretary, said that there was nothing new in the proposed bill and they were of the view that the Medical Council of India was already carrying out all the functions enumerated in the bill under the aegis and provisions of the present IMC Act.

They also took strong objection to NMC Bill allegedly eliminating the provision of having both elected and nominated members.

“Having only nominated members on the council is a mockery of a democratic process,” they said and demanded the government to withdraw the bill forthwith.

Mr. Basavanagowdappa also raised apprehensions that the proposed Bill, if implemented, will eliminate autonomy and give 100 per cent control to the Ministry of Health.

“It will allow non-MBBS doctors to be decision-makers and get registered in the National Medical Registrar posing a grave threat to the medical profession as a whole.”

The IMA plans to take out a procession against the Bill on October 16 from J.K. Grounds to the Deputy Commissioner’s office and later it would submit a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner, to be sent to the Prime Minister urging him to withdraw the bill forthwith.

Except doctors in emergency services all other doctors will take part in the agitation. All steps have been taken to ensure that patients and suffering people would not be put to hardship owing to the strike, the president added.

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