`YSR Government has failed on all fronts'

HYDERABAD, OCT. 7. C. Ramchandraiah, Telugu Desam MP, on Thursday said the Chief Minister, Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy's handling of various issues and failure of his policies, showed his "inexperience in statecraft as well as his cosmetic approach."

Addressing a press conference, he said Dr. Reddy's Government had failed on all fronts during the last five months, whether it is arrangements for the Krishna Pushkarams or controlling suicide deaths by farmers. It had come to be known for leaving the State administration in a chaos, not studying the issues thoroughly, postponing decisions that often took the lives of people and then passing the buck to the Opposition.

Cites examples

Two recent instances illustrate this, he said. When trouble broke out in the Gandhi Hospital, Dr. Reddy left for Mumbai, allowing the wounds to fester. The doctors strike spread all over the State and ten people lost their lives after being denied timely medical attention.

He said that Dr. Reddy's intransigence was seen in the handling of the farmers' agitation in Ongole. They had a given a week's notice to the District Collector on the release of water from Nagarjuna Sagar. The Collector had assured them that he would take it up with the Chief Minister urgently but there was no response in spite of plenty of water being available in Sagar and Srisailam reservoirs.

Refuting Dr. Reddy's charge that Telugu Desam was behind throwing of stones at the District Collector's residence, he said creating trouble and using it for pulling down their own party Chief Minister was Congress culture and not theirs.