Yet another one on warring lords

NOTHING NEW: Manchu Manoj and Tamanna in Sree  

Sree (Telugu)

Cast: Manchu Manoj, Tamanna, Nagababu, Mohanbabu, Sukanya

Director: Dasarath.

The subject has been done to death - a factionalism-based story with the hero taking revenge ultimately. Director Dasarath has tried to present it in a different garb with Manchu Manoj in the lead.

Venkatadri (Nagababu), a landlord, donates 80 acres of land to poor farmers and leaves for London with his family. Siddappa (Jayaprakash Reddy) and Bikshapati (Devaraj), two brothers, lend money to farmers and take over their lands when they could not repay it. They learn that the lands given by Venkatadri had rich granite deposits. They snatch the lands from farmers with the help of Basavanna (Mohanbabu). When a farmer refuses to part with the land Basavanna marries his daughter Gowri (Sukanya) and takes over the land. However, Gowri makes Basavanna realise the follies of Siddappa. So Basavanna takes back the land from Siddappa and return them to farmers. He leads the farmers to set up a granite factory and gets it opened by Venkatadri. Bikshapati kills Basavanna and again takes the possession of the factory. Now Venkatadri decides to wage a legal battle.

Shift to Orissa

Bikshapati decides to eliminate Venkatadri's family. They flee to Bhubaneswar. Gowri too escapes to Bhubaneswar with her child Sreeram (Manoj). Sree falls in love with Sandhya (Tamanna) daughter of Venkatadri. When Sandhya was about to express her love, her uncle takes her away, as Bikshapati's men reach Bhubaneswar in search of Venkatadri. Learning that her family is in danger, Sree comes to their rescue. The remaining part deals with Sree's encounters with Bikshapati. Manoj is at ease in songs and fights scenes.

The heroine disappoints. But, comedy by Raghubabu, Sunil and Brahmanandam compensates for that. Subhashini appeared on the big screen after a long time in a negative role.

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