Xmas celebrated with fervour

FAITH-DRIVEN: Devotees at St. Paul's Cathedral in the city on Monday. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar

FAITH-DRIVEN: Devotees at St. Paul's Cathedral in the city on Monday. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar  

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Cathedrals representing different denominations were decked up

Christmas trees adorn houses Housewives busy making plum cakes

VIJAYAWADA: Faith overtook all other emotions as Christians in the city thronged churches in the wee hours of Monday to usher in a happy and joyous Christmas. The cathedrals representing different denominations were decked up for the occasion, which denotes peace, happiness and compassion.

Midnight mass is a platform, which brings people together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who brought peace to the earth and goodwill to the mankind. The celebrations went about on a high note with people lending the festival a local colour in their truly indomitable spirit. Christmas trees of all sizes and hues adorned the front yards.


Bishop of Catholic Church Mallavarapu Prakash, in his Christmas message, said God visited the mankind through Jesus Christ to give it light and truth. "It is for us to receive it and be among the blessed lot," he observed.

P. Balaswamy, director of Social Service Centre at Gunadala, underscored the significance of the birth of Christ, reminding people that it had divided the history into two parts - BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini - used to indicate a date that comes a specified number of years after the traditional date of Christ's birth). "We know only through Jesus Christ how merciful, compassionate and truthful God is. To be a true Christian, one must have love of God and love thy neighbour," he urged.

The day's message was aimed at cautioning the masses against neglecting the call of Christ. Do not keep aside Jesus and get involved in worldly things, they were told. Since Christmas also meant cookies, cakes and other goodies, the festival preparations began much in advance.

Housewives got busy in the kitchens baking plum cakes and dishing out other delicious crunches.

Houses were given a thorough cleaning and a festooned front yard and the shimmer of colour bulbs hung on to the terrace walls welcomed the guests. After a hectic shopping and cooking spree, it was time to unload the larder and share the goodies with family and friends.

Those who missed out on the midnight mass ensured their presence in the morning mass. Children opened the presents they so eagerly waited for and enjoyed a traditional Christmas feast.

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