Why see this flick?

Miss Congeniality II (English)

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Regina King

Director: John Pasquin

This is a sequel that need not have been made. Picking up from where the first one ended, we find FBI agent Gracie Hart too recognisable to do field work so she is assigned to become the face of the FBI and pass on make up tips on telly. Then Gracie's buddy from the Miss USA pageant is kidnapped and Gracie is sent to Vegas to address a press conference. Another agent with anger management issues, Sam Fuller, is assigned as Gracie's bodyguard.

The duo hate each other and then they bond and the FBI chief in Vegas hates them but has to eat humble pie, then they impersonate males playing female singers and rescue Miss USA and then...

Sandra Bullock returns as Gracie Hart while Benjamin Bratt as love interest and Michael Caine as gay stylist have deserted the sinking ship leaving Bullock all alone to try and rescue the miserable mess.

Everything about the movie is laboured and teeth-grindingly predictable. Criminally long at an excruciating two hours, there is really no reason to see the film even if you are Sandra Bullock fan.

Mini Anthikad Chhibber