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NOT JUST A GLAM DOLL: Saloni in `Kokila.'

NOT JUST A GLAM DOLL: Saloni in `Kokila.'  

Kokila (Telugu)

Cast: Raja, Rajiv Kanakala, Sivabalaji, Saloni, Suhasini, Kota Srinivasa Rao

Director: Konda

Directed by young director Konda, and produced by G Ravikumar Reddy on the banner of Sri Jyothi Creations with Raja, Rajiv Kanakala, Sivabalaji, Saloni, Suhasini and Veda in the lead, Kokila proves to be a complete entertainer. Though the film was named `Clean Bowled,' it was changed to Kokila just before the completion of shooting, as the entire subject revolves round the heroine's role. Unfortunately, director Konda passed away even before the winding up of the shooting.

Rahul (Raja), Kanakala (Rajiv Kanakala) and Abhi (Sivabalaji) are good friends and roommates. They happen to see Kokila (Saloni) at the same time and fall in love. However, they could not decide who should love her. Learning that she is studying in City College, the trio join there and try to impress her. Kokila used to play a practical joke with those who are after her saying that they are lovers in their previous birth and make them fools. Though Rahul and Abhi do not take it seriously, Kanakala attempts suicide. With this Rahul and Abhi decide to give way to Kanakala. Abhi leaves for Bangalore saying that he has an interview, while Kanakala gets a telegram saying that her mother is unwell, which results in Rahul staying alone. At this juncture

Once, Rahul happens to save Kokila from a group of youth who teases her and gets injured. Kokila visits his room to console Rahul and happens to see her painting drawn by Abhi. In order to patch up Kokila and Kanakala, Rahul tells her that a painting was drawn by Kanakala who also attempted suicide for her love. While At that time both Kanakala and Abhi reach the room, with Kanakala is already married to Subbalakshmi (Suhasini), With no option left, Rahul tells Kokila that Abhi is the person who painted her portrait and attempted suicide. After she leaves the place, Abhi is engaged to her childhood friend Sasi (Veda). Will Rahul reveal the truth? What kind of problems the trio faces to make Kokila believe that Rahul is really loving her? How Kokila comes to know that Abhi was already engaged with Sasi? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.

All the three heroes enact well in the film. Especially Raja had more role to play when compared with the other two heroes. Saloni proves that she is not a glamour doll but can perform well. Surya as an upright police officer and father of heroine did justice. Kota provides good comedyas grandfather of the heroine. The director had maintained good grip all through the film and made the audiences sit tight to their seats with several twists.

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