When his journey was cut short

HYDERABAD DEC. 7. A day after communal violence rocked the old city, heart-rending tales unfolded. Balaiah who came here from Nizamabad with five members of his family failed to reach his destination, Srisailam. His journey was terminated abruptly by the rampaging mob at Shalibanda.

The family was passing through old city in a jeep when trouble broke out. The mob tried to target the vehicle and in a bid to escape, the driver swerved it and sped off. Balaiah, who was seated in the corner, slipped and fell from the vehicle and become an easy target for the mob. Members of his family, who stopped a few km down in anticipation of his arrival, came back searching for Balaiah this morning. But they ended up with his body at the mortuary.

No less tragic was the tale of Srinivas, resident of Lal Darwaza. When trouble broke out, his brother, Venkatesh, became inquisitive and ventured to make a check on the happenings. He did not return for a long time.

A perturbed Srinivas went in search of his brother and had a bullet finding a target in him. Incidentally, Venkatesh had returned home moments after Srinivas had gone in his search.

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