Water supply to schools under pilot project

NELLORE, FEB. 26. Under sectoral reforms pilot project, water supply to schools has been sanctioned at Rs. 40,000 per school in Nellore district with 10 per cent contribution from the school education committee and cent per cent maintenance assurance.

So far, the facility has been sanctioned for 203 schools, including 112 Zilla Parishad high schools and 91 upper primary school, out of which, work for water supply has been completed for 165 schools and for the remaining 38 schools, the work is in progress.

According to the Project Director, District Water Management Authority, P. Jaganmohan, an exclusive scheme to provide protected water supply scheme for habitations has been taken up and so far, 193 schemes at an estimated cost of about Rs. 33.18 crores have been sanctioned. Of these, 89 schemes have been completed and work on the remaining 103 schemes is in progress.

A total sanitation scheme has also been undertaken as part of the Government's recent `One crore benefit programme' to provide 1,81,137 individual sanitary toilets and 3,367 school toilets. An awareness programme has already been conducted in this regard. As per the norms of the sanitation scheme, for every completed individual sanitary toilet, Rs. 750 in cash and 250 kg of rice is to be paid to the beneficiary at gram panchayat level for which, funds have been made available from the panchayat.

The district administration has sanctioned 1,05,660 individual sanitary toilets as per rice available within the district. It has been stated that 60,789 toilets have been completed and the remaining 44,781 toilets are in good progress. So far, Rs. 41.53 crores and 13,844 tonnes of rice has been released for beneficiaries.