Water set to reach Prakasam barrage

Volume of water released to be increased

Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: Steps are being initiated to ensure that water released from the Nagarjunasagar Project reaches Prakasam barrage at the earliest. The superintending engineer of Vijayawada irrigation circle, J.Rajendra Prasad, on Tuesday, told The Hindu that water released on July 1 had reached Vajnepalli (Pulichintala project construction site) and it would take another two days to reach here.

Meanwhile, the volume of water being discharged from Nagarjunasagar Project would be increased from the current 3,500 cusecs to 6,000 cusecs from Wednesday. Three to four days would be required to impound water at the Prakasam barrage and increase the water level to 12 feet, Mr Prasad said.

Water level

"Increasing the water level at the barrage is essential to ensure that water reaches even the tail-end areas and to see that it also benefits the Vijayawada Thermal Power Station (VTPS) that is currently pumping water for its cooling purposes," he said.

A small amount of water released from the NSP for power generation, more than a week ago, found its way to the Prakasam barrage, increasing the water level to 1.35 ft from the "rock-bottom" level of 0.35 ft on Tuesday. Calculations show that at least a week would be required to impound the 3 tmcft of water required to increase water level to 12 ft.

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