Vegetable prices go through the roof

VISAKHAPATNAM, JULY 24. Prices of vegetables have sky-rocketed even at the rythu bazars, courtesy poor yield in the local market and procurement of vegetables from Karnataka by the wholesalers based at Poorna Market.

Local farmers can get only lady's finger, sweet and bottle gourd, barbati and brinjals from agency areas, Pendurthy, Anandapuram and Sabbavaram mandals. All other vegetables are brought from other States.

As a matter of policy, only DWCRA women who buy vegetables from wholesale market can sell them at rythu bazars. Potatoes and tomatoes are brought from West Bengal, onion from Kurnool and Nagpur, whereas carrot, beetroot, cauliflower and cabbage are brought from Kolar and Bangalore.

Capsicum has grown rare and is available with retail vendors at Rs. 40 to Rs. 60 per kg.

At Poorna Market

Following are the prices per kg at Poorna Market (rythu bazar price in the bracket): ginger Rs. 50 (46), agakaraya Rs. 20 (Rs. 16), bitter gourd Rs. 16 (Rs. 14), sweet gourd Rs. 8 (Rs. 6), ridge gourd Rs. 12 (Rs. 10), snake gourd Rs. 14 (Rs. 12), dondakaya Rs. 10 (Rs. 8), potato Rs. 8 (Rs. 7.50), onions Rs. 7 (Rs. 6.50), tomato Rs. 15 (Rs. 14), chema dompa Rs. 12 (Rs. 10) and cluster beans Rs. 10 (Rs. 8). Consumers are forced to shell out 50 per cent more if they buy vegetables from the roadside vendors.

August may bring cheer

The Horticulture Assistant Director, S. Rammohan, told The Hindu that the prices were expected to nosedive by 50 per cent after August 15as the crops are now at various stages of growth.

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