Value education for degree students

In order to propagate moral values among undergraduate students, the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Andhra Pradesh State, has launched value education for the promotion of ethical values among degree college students.

Under this programme, all degree colleges across the State will conduct value education classes for the students of degree first and second year compulsorily from this academic year onwards.

The degree first year students will have 30 classes and second year students 40 classes of value education. The final year students are exempted from these classes for the time being. However, the lecturers would impart moral values to the students in the regular classes.

Under the value education programme, the lecturers will talk to students about the importance of education, social responsibility, society, self-discipline and the pros and cons of western lifestyle. Students should score at least 50 per cent in the value education examination to get their degree certificate.

Training programme

Accordingly, the five-day training programme for the Government degree colleges begun four days ago in Hyderabad. The same training classes were telecasted live through Mana TV channel to all the degree colleges in the State and the lecturers were instructed to attend classes without fail. The lecturers were also given books on how to impart moral and value education to students.

The Collegiate education authorities have also prepared books for students on value education and to sensitise students about the values of life.

Talking to The Hindu here on Sunday, SRR Government Degree and PG College principal K. Murali said that the director of Collegiate education had taken a decision to impart value education to all undergraduate college students from this academic year onwards during the Vice-Chancellor’s meeting held on April 27.

He said that the course is well-designed to provide moral teachings to the present generation and hoped that value education would bring some attitudinal change among the student community.

Lecturers given books on how to impart moral and value education to students