Unceremonious exit

Protocol tiff with IAS officer ... seeking action against subordinate IPS officer on corruption charge ...controversial one-way restriction on Banjara Hills road. Well. Whatever be the justification and reason, it was an unceremonious departure for V. Dinesh Reddy as Hyderabad Kotwal.

Mr. Reddy was just nine-months old as City Police Commissioner but was beaming with success as his men and officers detected many sensational cases including the infamous tigress Sakhi one. As the Ganesh festival, peaceful conduct of which is considered as a challenge for every Kotwal, went off without any untoward incident, he became even more confident.

But the marching orders on Tuesday came as a bolt from the blue to the top cop just when he began thinking that everything was falling in line.

What made things embarrassing for Mr. Reddy was the inexplicable reasons behind the transfer. Everybody was sure that something somewhere had gone wrong but none knew what and where.

Marri Ramu

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