Two with tampered passports held

HYDERABAD. DEC. 6. Suman Chowdary, who reportedly travelled to Los Angeles on a tampered passport, was deported to Hyderabad on Sunday. She was taken into custody by the Begumpet police.

It is learnt that Suman, wife of one Mahesh Chowdary and a native of Ahmedabad, flew to Los Angeles on December 3. She was, however, caught by the authorities there and deported. She is believed to have travelled on the passport belonging to one Sabera Begum of Hyderabad.

Though the passport had her photograph, the name was of Sabera Begum. It is further learnt that she had obtained the passport from one Abbas of Mumbai. The Begumpet police are investigating.

In a similar case, one D. Rathaiah was caught after he arrived at the Hyderabad airport from Dubai with a tampered passport.

He travelled from Dubai on the passport belonging to one S. Ravi of Karimnagar. The police said that he had procured the passport from an agent in Dubai by paying him 1500 Dirhams. The Begumpet police are investigating.

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