Tusker creates panic at Tirupati

Special Correspondent

TIRUPATI: Looks like it is the season for elephants to hog the limelight. Close on the heels of the palace elephant Indira's tantrums in broad daylight on the Mysore city roads on Wednesday, it was the turn of a TTD elephant here on Thursday.

The caparisoned tusker turned restive at the ceremonial reception offered to the Sankaracharya of Sri Sringeri Sarada Peetham as he reached Alipiri, the foot of the hill before proceeding to Tirumala for darshan.

The tusker standing a little away when the TTD authorities and veda pundits who were welcoming the seer suddenly moved forward menacingly.

Many fall down

Officials, VIPs and devotees standing around the pontiff ran in panic. Some of them fell down as they tried to scamper around. The jumbo, however, hurt none and moved to a corner amid frantic efforts by its mahout to bring it under control.

Among those who fell and received bruises were D.K. Audikesavulu, Chittoor MP and TTD Chief Vigilance and Security Officer Balakrishna.