Truckers' stir: movement of goods disrupted

TIRUPATI, AUG. 21. Transportation of goods remained disrupted in Chittoor district with almost its entire fleet of 8,500 trucks going off the road from 6 a.m. in response to a call given the All India Motor Transport Congress protesting against the imposition of service tax by the UPA Government.

Incidentally the district is the fourth largest in the State in terms of the fleet strength of lorries which mostly ferried across the country mango, jaggery, tamarind, vegetables, milk and such other agri-products for which it is famous.


CUDDAPAH: Nearly 2,855 lorries went off the road in Cuddapah district from Saturday morning as part of the nation-wide truckers' strike, in protest against levy of service tax.

However, the striking lorry owners' association exempted the transportation of essential commodities like milk, petroleum products, LPG cylinders and rice of public distribution system and allowed lorries carrying them.

The strike led to rise in vegetable prices in local markets by at least 10 per cent today and continuation of the strike could lead to further price rise.

The Rayachoti, Cuddapah, Proddatur and Yerraguntla Lorry Owners' Associations and some individual lorry owners participated in the strike. As a result, as many as 1,200 lorries went off roads in Rayachoti, 500 in Cuddapah, 400 in Proddatur and 200 in Yerraguntla.


NELLORE: The lorry owners here have assured the district administration that there would be no impediment to the transport of essential commodities, mainly milk and vegetables. Meanwhile, control rooms have been set up in three revenue divisions of the district to maintain vigil and to assist public.