Transco to purchase power for rabi

HDYERABAD Dec.7. Transco proposes to purchase from various surplus sources 20 million units of power per day, the gap between the demand of 160 million units per day and expected availability of energy for the coming rabi season, from January to March 2004, according to the Chairperson and Managing Director, Rachel Chatterjee.

She told the CMDs of Discoms during a video conference late on Saturday that the gap would also be met by overdrawing from the central stations, to the extent permissible, while ensuring safety and security of the grid.

According to the CMD, the State Government would soon constitute a high-power committee to monitor the power supply position and advise on the purchase from the Power Trading Corporation and NTPC. The purchase would be to the extent available during non-peak hours so as to bridge the gap.

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