Tough time for trouble-shooter

THE AICC general secretary in-charge of Andhra Pradesh affairs, V. Jaya Kumar, was in the city recently during which time he had wide ranging interaction with field-level workers.

But then it wasn't an easy task for Mr. Kumar, who had to face a deluge of complaints, charges, counter-charges from rival party leaders and workers. The media too was in full strength at the venue where some of partymen were frequently engaged in mutual recriminations. Mr. Kumar whose apparent mission was to drill some sense of discipline among partymen failed to generate the desired effect. Pleas by senior party leaders to the workers to maintain restraint as mediapersons were around, fell on deaf ears.

Mr. Kumar, who perhaps had not anticipated such a scenario when he landed in the city, as the picture shows was found most of the time holding his head in utter exasperation.

THE MUNICIPAL Commissioner, V. Usha Rani, modestly refused when a scribe expressed a wish that the new road being laid in place of the Satyanarayanapuram railway line removed recently, to be named after her.

The Commissioner said she was against such a practice even if the public wanted it. But the scribe said there was a colony named after, Urmila Subba Rao, the only other woman Municipal Commissioner to have worked in Vijayawada. Since she was here while the road was being formed it was but apt that it be named after her.

The Commissioner who had no counter argument said with a degree of impatience, "If anybody puts up a board with my name, I will remove it personally."

THE MAYOR, P. Anuradha, who enjoyed over a 45-day hospitality in the United States of America, sprang a surprise on Monday by attending a meeting organised by All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation in support of Cuba's fight against US-sponsored oppression. She, being the chief guest, did not mince words in asserting that people of India, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and political affiliation, are solidly behind the Cubans in their fight against the American onslaught.

Going a step ahead, she even recalled that the late Indira Gandhi succeeded the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, as the Chairman of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) -- much to the astonishment of those present on and off the dais. For, most of them were staunch believers of Communist ideology. A second rung leader made remarked jocularly after the meeting was over: "Mayor garu mustered courage to attend an anti-America meeting and recall Indira Gandhi, as her boss, N. Chandrababu Naidu, is away in Pakistan."

THE SUSPENSION of one Assistant Engineer for his alleged negligence in attending duties on the Guntur Channel is indication that it's the end of the honeymoon for Government officials in the district. There is a sudden flurry of activity in the departments.

The Minister for Cooperation, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana, has taken serious note of the inaction in several offices and the bad propaganda the Congress Government has been getting on the lack of control over administrative matters. The Minister decided to review the progress of work in each department in a phased manner beginning Tuesday.

Yearlong slackness in the Government work seems to have come to a halt with the new District Collector, G. Jayalakshmi, also taking stock of the situation making as many field visits as possible. Some more people will have to pay price for their deliberate mistakes, the Minister said at a meeting. No more jugglery of figures, it is time to pull up socks, was his stern message.

By R. Balaji, G.V. Ramana Rao, A. Saye Sekhar in Vijayawada and Ramesh Susarla in Guntur

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