Thrills sans frills

A Film by Aravind (Telugu)

Cast: Rajiv Kanakala, Rishi, Mona Chopra, Gazal Srinivas

Director: Shekhar Suri.

Shekhar Suri returns with a big bang with his new film "A film by Aravind." It has love, sentiment, and at the same time it is an action-packed suspense thriller t00.

The screenplay is taut and camerawork and re-recording, outstanding. Coming to the theme, Aravind (Rajiv Kanakala) is a film director and Rishi (Rishi) is a hero. Both are friends and give two hit films. For both films, Aravind provides story. Aravind invites stories from prospective writers and selects one story. However, due to the negligence of his co-director, he fails to read the entire script. Aravind asks Rishi to come with him to listen to the subject. Surprisingly, both encounter the same sequences that were narrated in the story. A girl called Neeru (Mona Chopra) asks for a lift. Later, Rishi gets involved in a fight at a dhaba. Though it is sheer coincidence, Aravind believes that everything is happening in the same way and hence calls the writer (Gajal Srinivas) to meet him. The writer tells him that it is not a love story as suggested, but a thriller. The girl in the story is a psychopath and will kill the lover. Will Neeru kill Rishi or Aravind? Can Aravind save his friend and himself? Answers to these questions form part of the remaining story. With its novel storyline, the film is worth watching.

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