Textile Park at Banavasi ray of hope for weavers

The news of establishment of Textile Park at Banavasi, a picturesque location between Adoni and Yemmiganur in Kurnool district, cheered the local people. The government issued an order earmarking 100 acres from the Banavasi Veterinary farm for the textile park. Adoni and Yemmiganur towns have a long history of textile trade and manufacturing. The place is considered apt for the concept of fibre to fabric by virtue of the area being the major cotton producing zone, a major cotton trading market at Adoni and inhabitation by over 5,000 weaver families.

The 5,000-weaver families are without work since the closure of spinning mill at Yemmiganur and local handloom society. The leading cause of crisis in handloom sector was failure of the stakeholders to change in tune with the changing circumstances. Despite the two towns being the repository of a large pool of skilled weavers, the industry shifted elsewhere in the last three decades.

As per the existing plan, the government planned to create infrastructure suitable for textile industry on 100 acres in the first phase and 200 acres in the next phase attracting an investment of Rs 1,000 crore in both phases. The components of the park include ginning, yarn making, fabric making and apparel manufacturing.

According to the vision, fibre is taken inside the park, ready to wear clothes are brought out. The industry is likely to provide direct and indirect employment to 10,000 families in two towns. The cultivation of medium length staple cotton is also likely to increase from the present two lakh hectares in Kurnool district besides having a positive impact on the neighbouring districts.

P. Satyanarayana Rao, Assistant Director of Handlooms and Textiles, told The Hindu that the location was quite natural for Apparel Park and said the department was waiting for the details of the project from the government.

Yemmiganur MLA B. Jayanageswara Reddy said their long-cherished dream of helping the starving weavers was fulfilled at last. The project would impact positively the lives of all sections like transport, farmers, finance etc.

(Reporting by

D. Sreenivasulu)