Team Osama

Team Osama

The high profile jailbirds may have a cell conference with the regional leaders of all terrorist outfits affiliated to the International Terrorist Control Board under the Chairmanship of Osama Bin Laden with General Musharaff as a special invitee. They can finalise coaches and players for Team Osama and fix venues, targets and prize money both for players and selectors!

S. Nagarathnam Hanamkonda

Classy classes

Some of the jailbirds can spend time drawing on the walls and thus learn the nuances of art. They might come out and become artists. Film stars can teach others the art of good, bad and ugly `acting'! A lady `bird' good at writing can churn out novels or serials. The jailed politician, who is a veteran in duping everyone should start grooming other prisoners with an assurance of making him his political advisor.

J. Akshay Akshobhya Hyderabad

Reality show?

If the political bigwig is supposed to be in jail for a few days, he better engage himself with digging a ditch in his room. As he is a natural expert in `Gothulu Thavvadam,' he can enjoy his job.

In case of cine stars, they can tune themselves as if they are acting in some never ending tele serial and continue practicing their roles.

D.V.G. Sankara Rao Nellimarla

Put it on paper

Vizianagaram District Prison and autobiography go hand in hand for leaders behind bars. Today's celebrities can also try the same by penning down their metamorphosis from ordinary citizens to present achievements! They can make the autobiographies interesting by adding some snippets about their successful attempts to escape from the law by finding loopholes.

If the jailed celebrities are from the cine-industry, they can also entertain fellow prison mates and of course, charge for it, earning a fair income.

He can celebrate his 25 days in jail, 50 days in jail followed by 75,100,125 etc. Of course, fans/followers of celebrity outside the prison will make all the silver, golden, and platinum jubilee functions a grand success.

Ananthi S. Hyderabad

Chorminar Bank

They can open a bank in jail for prisoners to store their hidden wealth. The deposits can be either in cash or material possessions. There will be only a small change in the name of the bank. It will be called `Chorminar Bank within Chardiwar.'

Bhimshanker Secunderabad

Killing time

Jailbirds can reorganise themselves, hatch a plan for extortion, kidnapping, tender fixing, booth capturing, murder, `supari' killing. They can also write a book "100 new formulae for kidnapping and extortion without being caught by police." If they still feel bored, they can plan a jailbreak! Aravinda Das

Visakhapatnam Get connected

High profile jailbirds can become techno-savvy. Extortion of money, threatening or persuading their fellow politicians, getting free-of-cost publicity etc. can be carried out as usual with the help of a PC with an Internet connection. In the confines of the cell they can write `aatmakatha' (autobiography) which will be useful as a script for films.

Sarvan Kumar Tiwari Khammam

Pen it down

Imprisonment is resting time after hectic criminal activity. Secure in the high walls of prison, protected by vigilant guards, what prevails there is only silence and peace, an ideal surrounding to write. The high profile jailbirds can write a book `Discovery of Crime.'

M.A. Hakeem Saidabad

Tunnel mania

Underworld dons should get their cell constructed with well-built tunnels that serve as highways, one to their residence, the other to their den, a third to their guesthouse and the rest to places of their interest, so that they can carry on with their machinations without risking the jailors' eye.

Prathyoosha Alahari Kavali

Free behind bars

High profile jailbirds will not lose any time and enter into contracts with jail wardens to let him go whenever they want to, wherever they want to and to get whatever comforts they want in jail throughout their stay!

They can run businesses such as illicit liquor brewing, felling fully grown teak trees in the forests, printing fake educational certificates, passports and the like, using a cellphone from the jail premises.

R.P. Rammohan Hyderabad

`Supari' contracts

They can have meetings to discuss the various `supari' contracts to be given, they have to vet financial earnings of the `target' to be kidnapped. Receiving unending phone calls from ministers, businessmen etc. to get their works done, and make phone calls to execute the same. Their schedule is so exacting that even a high profile magnate's schedule pales into insignificance.

S. Hemalatha Secunderabad

Perfect for the muse

Jail is one of the few places where the muse gives us her inspiring company, bringing out our creative powers. The jail inmates therefore can try their hand in writing autobiographies, or the biographies of their `mentors.' Such jail bards behave well and their writings come in handy for the police in their investigations.

M. Somasekhar Prasad Badvel

Training grounds

Film stars can conduct acting classes while politicians can teach poli `tricks' to the fellow prisoners. This would help in making future actors/actresses and leaders.

Eggoni Syama Sundar Madanapalle

Plan a film

A film star, a politician and a don can hold discussions for a new film. The politician would be the story, dialogue and screenplay writer, the don the producer and the film star the hero-cum-director.

A.V. Somayajulu Kakinada

Perfect match

Politicians and dons can play `Match the following' game because they have to match with each other in their nefarious activities.

Kakuturu Kishore Hyderabad

Lucky dip

High profile prisoners can exchange notes about their previous escapes and breakouts and play `lucky dip' to choose which master plan is to be followed this time. They can also play bowling to fell the bars.

P. Sai Deepak Korukonda