TDP warns of tax hike


KAKINADA: The official spokesman of Telugu Desam and former Minister, Chikkala Ramachandra Rao, has warned the people of the Municipalities and Municipal Corporations about the impending tax hike after the ensuing Municipal elections.

Speaking to newsmen here on Saturday, he alleged that the State Government had bowed down to the diktats of the World Bank in return to the Rs.1280 crores aid for which agreement was signed a couple of days back at New Delhi. Under the conditions stipulated by the World Bank, he said, the State Government had agreed to hike the taxes towards resource mobilisation and ensure taxe collection to at least 75 per cent besides levying fee on all the services.

Pending receipt of the World Bank aid, Mr. Ramachandra Rao alleged, the Government had decided to divert Rs.1,000 crores from the treasury meant for irrigation, education and Medical and Health Departments and to spend the same on various works in the municipality prior to elections .

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