TDP seeks white paper on liquor policy, sales

HYDERABAD, NOV.29. The Telugu Desam Party today demanded a white paper on the liquor policy since the Congress came to power in the State.

Senior party leaders G. Sukhender Reddy, M.V. Mysoora Reddy and K. Sivaprasada Rao alleged at a press conference that the Government was encouraging sale of "A"category liquor of a particular brand in place of "O" category (cheap liquor).

This was being done for consideration with the alleged involvement of some senior Congress leaders. They, however, refused to name the Congress leaders.

Mr. Sukhender Reddy and Dr. Mysoora Reddy, while describing the Government step as "old wine in new bottle," claimed that it imposed an additional burden of Rs. 400 crores on people, Rs. 300-crore revenue to the administration and Rs. 100-crore profit to the distilleries.

This was because the price of "O" category liquor (quarter bottle) was only Rs. 24 as against Rs. 340 of "A" category.

The TDP leaders contended that the "sales promotion" by the Government amounted to going back on the Congress election promise of introducing prohibition in a phased manner.

This promotion was resulting in a company enjoying about 50 per cent of the sales.

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