TDP leaders warned against indulging in groupism

HYDERABAD Nov. 10. The TDP president, N. Chandrababu Naidu, said the party would not hesitate to part company with leaders who indulge in groupism or get involved in political controversies during the upcoming organisational elections.

Addressing a meeting of the newly appointed convenors and members of the TDP's district ad hoc committees at the NTR Bhavan on Sunday, Mr. Naidu said the TDP was a disciplined party and those engaging in group politics would suffer heavily.

Exhorting the functionaries to conduct the membership enrolment drive from November 23 to December and the subsequent elections to booth, village, mandal and district-level elections till April 21 with care and devotion, he said the party would be closely watching their performance. Those found wanting would be issued memos and would be replaced if they did not mend their ways.

Mr. Naidu expressed his unhappiness at the unsatisfactory attendance at the meeting at which 68 per cent of the 693 members from 28 district and urban units turned up. He directed the district convenors to seek an explanation from the absentees and drop them if their replies were unsatisfactory.

He said that the party had given 56 per cent representation to the weaker sections in the district bodies with the following break-up: BCs 263, SCs 56, minorities 48, women 61 and STs 19. The district units too must ensure that these sections were given at least 50 per cent representations in the party committees down below.

They must see that sincere and loyal partymen were not ignored. He asserted that the party leadership had consulted all sections while constituting the committees and even those who did not agree initially fell in line later. This process of consultations must be followed for mandal and village commitees, he added.

The TDP chief criticised the media for faulting the party leadership for overdoing the consultation process and yet replacing only 10 district presidents. He justified the exercise on the ground that the party wanted to understand the workers' feelings and see that competent persons were not left out.

Referring to the membership drive, he urged the district leaders to surpass the previous target of 13 lakh active and 52 lakh ordinary members. He asked them to approach members of DWCRA and other self-groups besides non-political persons to join the party.

Earlier, the convenor of the TDP's State Election Committee, Ummareddy Venkateswarlu, welcomed the gathering.

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