TDP Govt. becoming undemocratic: Rosaiah

HYDERABAD Nov. 24. The APCC chief spokesperson, K. Rosaiah, accused the Telugu Desam Government of developing `fascist' tendencies by flaunting its majority in the Assembly to stonewall every demand of the Opposition. Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Mr. Rosaiah said TDP leaders were stubbornly rejecting any demand for inquiry by a House Committee or any other body into the numerous allegations of corruption, including the scam in the Food-for Work programme. Their stock reply was that they were under no compulsion to heed the Opposition's advice as they enjoyed a clear majority. The Congress leader demanded that the Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu, stop making false claims that his Government was clean and come out with a democratic response to the specific allegations of corruption levelled ever since the TDP regained power eight years ago. The Congress, which held power during 1989-94, had suitably responded to all the allegations against its Government, he added. Mr. Rosaiah said the TDP Government had violated all canons of democracy and political propriety by showing disrespect for the courts in the Yeleru scam. The report of the Justice B. K. Somasekhara Commission of Inquiry, which was likely to indict top leaders, did not see the light of the day because of the High Court's verdict. But, the State Government chose not to implement the judgement of the Apex Court which reversed the High Court's order.

Referring to the sale of land at Madhapur to M/s L & T, he said the Government slashed the agreed price from Rs. 1.30 crore to Rs. 50 lakhs an acre for 144 out of 158 acres on the company's plea that the software industry was not growing at the desired rate. "The same Government refuses to pay a few lakhs of rupees as compensation to farmers who committed suicide,'' he added. Mr. Rosaiah said there was no satisfactory response from the Government for the 14-year deferment it sanctioned to India Cements for payment of sales tax of Rs. 200 crores or to its refusal to invoke the provisions of the bank guarantee of International Seaports Limited for failure to abide by the agreement for revenue sharing from Kakinada port.