Tarimela Nagi Reddy remembered

The Tarimela Nagi Reddy Rythu Kooli Pedala Sangham, a communist front fighting for the rights of the farmers and poorer sections of the society today observed the 37th death anniversary of the famous communist leader Tarimela Nagi Reddy (known as TN), here on Tuesday in Anantapur in a grand rally and a well attended public meeting.

Speaking at the public meeting at Lalita Kala Parishad in Anantapur, D. Govindarajulu, a follower of the former leader TN and the district secretary, said that the contribution of Mr Nagi Reddy to the communist ideology and development in the country was so enormous that there was no better treatise from any one communist leader comparable with “India Mortagaged” – a treatise of Mr Nagi Reddy.

India Mortagaged, the English version of the original written in Telugu – Takattulo Bharata Desam – was actually the defence statement written by Mr Nagi Reddy himself when he was in jail accused of forming a movement to overthrow democratically elected government in the State (known as the Nagi Reddy conspiracy case)in 1969.

Mr Nagi Reddy was an MLA three times and a member of Parliament too from the Anantapur parliamentary constituency. He defeated the former President of India Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy in the legislative assembly elections for the erstwhile madras state in 1951. “Our primary concern today should be to tread the path of our leader (TN)in creating awareness amongst the public regarding the injustice being meted out to them through the overt and covert capitalist policies of successive governments in the country”, said Mr Govindarajulu even as he argued that the agriculture policies of the government were designed ensure that the agriculture poor remain poor while even the farmers were made poorer by the day.

The meeting was preceded by a huge rally starting from the Lalita Kala Parishad and reaching back to lalita Kala Parishad.

Nagi Reddy’s contribution to the communist ideology and development in the country was so enormous which is mirrored in his treatise “India Mortagaged”, says Govindarajulu

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