Swimming against the tide

Innovative:Hasan Ali Khan and Vaishali Neotia demonstrating their 3D software on Wednesday.— Photo: K. Ramesh Babu  

Freshly minted engineering graduates passing out with flying colours, more often than not, dream of flying out of the country for higher education. And if that doesn’t work, the backup plan is to land on a job with a fat pay check.

Taking risks

There are, however, young people having the courage to swim against the tide and take the risk. Merxius Software, a start up set up by two 25-year-old engineers, Hasan Ali Khan and Vaishali Neotia, is just that. Their creative and non-conformist ideas are also getting recognised.

This month, their company won the ‘Best Start-up Award’ for innovative work in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) in the just concluded ‘eIndia-2012’ conference in Hyderabad. The duo who started their company in an apartment after passing out from the Vasavi Engineering College, developed an AR based application that makes presentations look magical and personal to users.

Augmented Reality is an exciting new technology that allows overlaying data on to the real world through an enabled device like a tablet or a smartphone. Both had invites from top universities in US for higher education, but their desire to do something new made them adopt an upcoming technology like AR in India.

“At one instant you are looking at a real object, say a thin sheet of paper through the lens of a tablet or a smartphone. In another moment, our application makes a 3D object appear on top of the sheet. This is augmented reality,” say Hasan and Vaishali.

By simply aiming the camera of a hand-held device at an image, children can view educational videos or presentations. “The technology enables clients to view phones, cars, real estate projects from all directions in their tablets and smart phones,” Mr. Hasan says.

While the beginnings were humble, success has made it possible for the duo to employ four developers and rope-in a few interns too. “In addition to AR, our website has several 3D components to engage visitors in a unique way,” they chorus.

The developers have also implemented a unique application, CampusBridge linking college managements to the alumni. “Managements struggle to be in touch with alumni and our application bridges the gap,” says Ms. Vaishali.

Merxius Software has won the ‘Best Start-up Award’ for innovative work in the field of Augmented Reality