Swaroes students close in on Everest

Reach 24,750 ft en route to the peak at 29,035 ft

Thirteen-year-old Malavath Purna 18-year-old Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar, both students of the A.P Social Welfare Residential School are inching closer to scaling Mt. Everest (29,035 ft), the world’s highest peak. They have already reached Camp 2, which is at 24,750 ft.

Purna thus becomes the youngest female ever to reach the height.

Treacherous path ahead

A day prior to this accomplishment, the duo were at the North Col, a point located at 23,000 ft above sea level.

They student-duo is now making use of oxygen cylinders as they climb toward the ‘death zone’, along with 47 other mountaineers from China, Germany, and Tibet.

The next 48-hour trek through the ‘death zone’ is the most dangerous. Once they make through this treacherous section, they are sure to hoist the Indian flag over the peak.

Confident parent

The parents of the students have been informed of their children’s progress, and are confident that they would succeed, APSWREI Society Secretary R.S. Praveen Kumar said on Friday.

“My son will do it. I know his worth and determination,” said Kondal Rao, Anand’s father, who works at a cycle shop.

“The duo may conquer Everest on May 26. It’s all excitement. They want to prove to the world that poverty is no barrier once opportunities are created,” Dr. Praveen Kumar said.

The climbers are under the guidance of well-known mountaineer Shekhar Babu, who hails from the city, and a Chinese team.

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