Sundarayya books restoration explained

HYDERABAD Oct. 31. Two days of downpour nearly robbed history and the painstaking efforts of people spread over decades. But thanks to modern technology, the treasure is now safe.

After an enormous two-year operation, the rare collection of Sundarayya Vignana Kendram which was soaked in the floodwaters of August 2000 has been retrieved and restored to its original frame using thermal vacuum freeze dryer, a modern technology. The process restoring the precious books was explained to a gathering at the kendram on Thursday.

Representatives of Canada-based Cromwell Restoration Company, which took up the task and completed it successfully, explained the process. The kendram hired a cold storage and kept over 60,000 books in -20 degree Celsius so that the books would be safe from fungal attacks.

The books were later exposed to open air drying and chemically processed.

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