Summer brings hardship to this division

Residents living atop the hill at Brahmamgari Matham in Vijayawada are forced to trek down to fetch potable water. Photo: Ch.Vijaya Bhaskar  

VIJAYAWADA, MARCH 11. The onset of summer spells doom on this division of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation. The reason: the shortfall of water supply gets compounded and the residents of the fourth division will be forced to trek almost a kilometre down the hill to fetch potable water.

There are, of course, facilities required for drinking water supply, but to a limited extent. With a major portion of the division lying on the hill slopes, the provision of drinking water pipelines proves difficult and coupled with this is the official apathy in taking some initiatives to ensure the supply of drinking water.


What is more surprising is the reluctance of the officials to provide pipelines for drinking water supply even to such applicants who express willingness to pay Rs. 1,200 as mandated by the Congress Government after it took over the reins of power. "The Government in all fairness has given an opportunity to regularize our drinking water supply by prescribing some amount. But, the amount appears less for officials who insist that we also pay the charges incurred on purchase of pipes and other paraphernalia required for laying a pipeline," the residents complain. As a result, the residents are forced to put up with short supplies every summer, the repeated representations made to the authorities notwithstanding.

The residents' hopes on utilising the more than 30 borewells spread throughout the area including the hill slopes also suffered a setback as the staff appointed to ensure their maintenance is minimal. There are, of course, a few areas where the residents do not feel the intensity of water shortage due to enhancement in capacities of booster at Brahmamgari Matham and the conversion of the old two-inch pipes to four-inch ones.


Repairs to the road connecting Anjaneyavagu area with Brahmamgari Matham, the only major thoroughfare to the area, is another problem faced by the residents in the division. The road has suffered damage at several places and the officials have not responded so far in taking up repairs to it. This has made negotiating the potholes and other hitches a troublesome process for the vehicle drivers moving through the area. Thanks to the initiatives of the corporator, D.V. Ramana Babu, streetlights in the division are, however, satisfactory. There is also an e-Seva center and a cholera hospital to provide medical services to residents in times of emergency.