Stir for Muslim quota to continue

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'Muslims suffering a lot due to economic imbalance'

Samithi launches signature campaign for quotaCamps to be conducted in the town to seek support for reservation

Nellore: The Indian Muslim Reservation Sadhana Samiti (IMRSS), Nellore, has decided to continue its struggle till reservations in proportion to its population are implemented for the community.

Its president, Sd. Sami, told reporters at the agitation camp, near Mulumudi bus stand, here on Friday, that while the country has become one of the dynamic nations of the world with sound economy and abundant foreign exchange reserves, around 25 crore Muslims are suffering a lot due to economic imbalance.

Despite being a strong minority community, they did not have any preference in Government jobs. According to Sami, there was reservation facility for Muslims during British reign till 1947, which was later scrapped due to indifference of ruling classes.

Vote bank

He regretted that the Muslims had been used as mere vote bank all these years and the Congress was no exception having come into power in Centre and State with the solid support of Muslim community.

If the community is to be rendered genuine justice, it is only through reservation, asserted Sd. Sami, which was possible with an appropriate amendment to the constitution, as reservations under normal norms have become irrational due to protracted litigation.


The IMRSS therefore appealed to all political parties and communities to sympathetically understand the plight of Muslims and support its fight for reservations.

The Samiti has commenced a signature campaign and on Friday alone has mobilised more than 500 signatures, from different communities.

It has also been stated that camps will be held in various parts of the town, to seek support from all classes.

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