Stealing a ride is his passion

TIRUPATI Dec. 7. His hobby is to `vroom' on the road by the best of the two-wheelers available around at any cost. Even if he did not own one, he never bothered to `get' one and never worried about the result of his extremely adventurous and equally risky pastime. He was held by the police today.

The only job of P. Sudhakar (20), a native of Mangalampeta village, is to eye vehicles parked on the roadside, jump onto them and go on an outing till his thrill for driving is satiated. He will then see a lonely spot and desert it. And then starts his search for a new one. The process went on, but luck did not favour him this time.

He lifted four vehicles in the last 70 days for no specific reason, and surprisingly no attempt was made by him to sell them off. When the Tirupati crime SI, P. Srikanth, nabbed him today on the Chandragiri road on the charge of stealing a two-wheeler at Yerpedu yesterday, he confessed to the crime.

Not only this, he admitted his earlier offences, the first one dating back to September 28, when he stole a vehicle in Korlagunta. After a satisfactory ride, he abandoned it near the Science Centre in Alipiri. The same day, he lifted another vehicle at New Maruti Nagar and left it near `Dongala Mandapam' (a fitting spot for such an offence!) on the Renigunta road. On November 26, he lifted a vehicle in Nehru Nagar and later dumped it near the Municipal Park.

The cops were stunned at his description of the bike models and the spots where he deserted them, as they exactly matched with their records on the recovery of the vehicles. On further enquiry, Sudhakar revealed that his intention was not to steal the vehicles, but enjoy a ride. In fact, he openly admitted that he did not know the `process' of selling the stolen vehicles and hence ditched them after a delightful `use'.

The baffled cops had but to believe his account and officially recorded that the vehicles, worth Rs.1.20 lakhs, were lifted by him "just like that''.

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