Spreading joy and laughter among children

Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: It had all the ingredients for bringing a smile on the face of even the most wilted spirits. Kids dressed in different attire won the hearts of one and all at the fancy dress competition held on Monday, which was organised by Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority at VUDA Children's Theatre.

Varied roles

With laidback ease and a shade of self-consciousness, the kids came up on to the stage to do their bit. The baby weightlifter, three-and-half-year-old Harshini, was the cynosure of all eyes at the contest.

Then came a Lord Krishna who looked a bit irked with all the attention he was receiving, a naughty pirate and a Lambadi girl who was busy trying to keep her costume in place. Amid them, there were others who tried to put across their strength on an issue.

A placard held by one of the participants read: `Kill me. But don't kill my childhood. Stop child labour.'

The elated parents captured the special moments of their kids on videos and cell phone cameras. While a few kids looked completely bemused with the sudden spurt of attention they were getting, the others smartly came up the stage and did their part.

Children in the sub-junior category gave a tough time to the parents who had to monitor their movements and check them from pulling off their costumes.

Symbolic event

In the fast track of modern life, where parents hardly have any time for their kids, Children's Day has become a symbolic event to bring back the smile in the lives of the tiny tots.

Some 35 children participated in the competition that was held in three categories. In the sub-juniors category, the first, second and third prizes went to Muskan Manjari, S.V.S. Lalitha Priyanka and P. Harsha Vardhan respectively. The first and second prizes in the junior category was bagged by A.N.S. Dinesh and Maya Sri and in the seniors category the first prize went to G. Jahnavi.

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