Soaring heat forces half-day schedule on schools

BACK TO THE GRIND: A mother dropping her children on the first day of school in Vijayawada on Monday. PHOTO: CH. VIJAYA BHASKAR

BACK TO THE GRIND: A mother dropping her children on the first day of school in Vijayawada on Monday. PHOTO: CH. VIJAYA BHASKAR  

Government schools to run full day Government schools continue to run full-day; no instructions from authorities

G. Ravikiran

VIJAYAWADA: An extended summer has forced several schools to hold half-day school till Saturday, even as Government schools will run full-day in the absence of any instructions from higher authorities. Temperatures continue at hover around 42-43 degrees Celsius in the city.

Day temperatures were expected to come down a few days prior to re-opening of schools on June 13. But, delayed monsoon has come as a hurdle for commencing schools as usual.

Children may not be able to stay put in classrooms with room temperatures ranging from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Full-day school from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. will prove hazardous to their health. Half-day school from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. is considered less taxing as the full impact of the summer sun is felt after 1 p.m.

High temperatures are expected to continue for three to four days more in view of hot winds obstructing monsoon clouds in these areas. The private managements could respond to the parents' requests and adapt to the situation immediately.

The district Collector, Naveen Mittal, told The Hindu on Monday that he would discuss the situation with district education officials and take a decision on going for half-days in Government schools too.

"It was a good point. I agree summer is too hot for children. I will take up the issue with the Government," Mr. Mittal said.

The N.St. Mathew's Public School announced half-day for its students till Saturday. The convenor of the media committee at NSM Public School,

Ch. Subba Rao, said the decision was taken in view of rising temperatures. A teacher at a municipal school in the city suggests that holidays be declared for the next five days, which can later be adjusted in the academic calendar by working during Sankranti and other holidays.

Schools reopened on Monday amidst a lively atmosphere. Private schools, mostly accredited to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), had arrangements made for their students to buy books at special stalls on their premises. Some schools had opened these counters several days in advance.

With regard to Government and municipal schools, the Vijaya Krishna Super Bazaar had opened special counters at its main office on Bandar Road and in all divisions in the district. The counters will function on holidays too till June 19, an official said.

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