Single phasing results in saving of energy

ADILABAD, NOV. 29. The single phasing of power supply, a programme undertaken by the Northern Power Distribution Company Limited (NPDCL) in Adilabad district, has resulted in considerable saving of energy and money. The Rs. 25 crore programme intends to curb tapping of power by farmers who use devices to convert the two-phase supply to three phase.

Of the 3 million units (MU) per day of electricity demand in the district, roughly 1.2 MU are used by the agriculture sector. Besides, a minimum of three lakh units per day are drawn by farmers in the agriculture-intensive areas by way of converting the two phase current supply on the 11 KV lines into three phase using converters.

Additional power

Because this additional amount of power was used under the existing farm connections, the NPDCL could levy no power usage charges, whereas it paid to the APTransco for the excess drawal. To take care of this problem the Northern Discom decided to `single phase' all the 11 KV feeders which also supply power to the agricultural sector. The single phasing was being done by rigging an additional power cable on the existing supply routes.

"The single phasing would ensure 24 hour supply of single phase current in rural areas. It would leave no scope for farmers to convert the two phase current now," observed the Divisional Engineer (Technical), NPDCL, Adilabad, B. Kishan.

There are 158 feeders in the district in the divisions of Adilabad, Nirmal and Mancherial, which are being single phased. Work on 76 feeders has been completed and the entire programme would be completed by the end of December.

Surveys completed

"We have conducted surveys in all the three divisions where the single phasing was done during November which have thrown up astonishing data. Due to single phasing power saved at Jaipur mandal feeders was maximum at 46 per cent. The entire Mancherial Division logged power savings at 25 per cent," revealed Mr. Kishan.

"Though there may be differences in quantities of power saved in different feeders, the average power saved would not be less than 10 per cent of the total consumption," pointed out Assistant DE Uttam.

"At the rate of Rs. 1.70 paise per unit and at 10 per cent of the total power requirement of 3 MU per day in Adilabad district we save over Rs. 5 lakhs per day," he added.

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